Bring to my school

If you are interested in bringing this to your U.S. based school, we can help you set up the program.  All curricula is pre-designed and tested to make it easy to implement in your school.  

Our programs to date have been offered as an afterschool extra curriculum program offered at the school campus.  Girls participate in instructor-facilitated lessons for an hour and a half every week for an eight-week session.    

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Getting Started Checklist

If this has peaked your interest, you can get started with STEM through this simple checklist below.  To bring girlSPARC to your school, you will want to think about these key questions:

  • Do you have 16 or more girls interested in the program?
  • How can you spread the word to parents at your school?
  • Is there a parent volunteer who is willing to sponsor and champion girlSPARC, reserve classroom space, communicate with parents and attend class sessions?
  • Can you host an open house to inform parents about girlSPARC? 
  • Has the school administrator approved girlSPARC on campus?
  • Is there a collaborative classroom set up on campus you can rent from the school?

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