Our partners play a large part in our STEM efforts by providing elementary age appropriate curriculum and funding.

Purdue University Women in Engineering Program

The first women focused engineering program started at Purdue University, Indiana.  It was established in 1969 to increase enrollment of women in undergraduate degrees programs.  To date, more than 10,500 women have graduated from the program.  Purdue provides the hands on, STEM based lesson plans we teach in elementary schools today.


The San Diego Center for Systems Biology 

In partnership with the National Institute of General Medical Sciences and the University of California, San Diego, the San Diego Center for Systems Biology has provided funding for girlSPARC to support systems and biology based lessons and experiments.  Their hands on approach helps us facilitate learning in a unique way with real world examples and thought provoking questions related to STEM disciplines.

"Having the backing of 2 major scientific institutions validates the girlSPARC program and it's curriculum."

- parent of a 4th Grader

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