girlSPARC™ aims to create a shift in mindset where Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are no longer seen as subjects where only boys excel.  

girlSPARC™ approaches learning through hands on experimentation while emphasizing the design and creative process.  Sometimes their design works, sometimes they don't, but the objective is to have fun, build the girls' confidence and teach them there are many alternatives to solving challenges.

We foster this by creating hands-on experiments that provide exposure to the different fields of engineering, encourage creativity, and promote reasoning and problem solving skills.  We also provide the girls with women role models, mentors and other leaders who can help them explore their scientific interests in a positive and encouraging environment.

The collaborative setting lets the girls see how individuals from several engineering disciplines work together when solving real work challenges in the work place - all while reinforcing our girlSPARC guiding principles. 

"The appearance of 'spark' in girlSPARC is no accident.  The program shows my daughter how to use her natural creativity and curiosity to spark the engineering process."

- 3rd grade parent


girlSPARC guiding principles: 

  • Be yourself 
  • Believe in yourself
  • Recognize each other’s strengths
  • Celebrate the failures
  • Don’t give up
  • Solve problems – there is more than one way
  • Learn from one another 
  • Have fun