Learning is fun when done in a meaningful and impactful setting.

Girls in STEM disciplines need encouragement especially as they are underrepresented in these fields today according to the US government.  Through girlSPARC™, our instructors demonstrate real life examples of science, math and engineering.  Our curriculum is based on Purdue’s Women in Engineering’s K-12 outreach program, which introduces young students to variety of hands-on engineering challenges and reinforces the concept that redesign is necessary either to get a design working, or to improve the original functionality.

"We feel so fortunate to have the girlSPARC program at our school. Science comes alive for girls in these courses. To walk into a lesson and feel all of the positive energy in the air and see the girls enthusiastically building, experimenting, and testing is quite an experience. Girls need this type of program to explore science in a safe environment where they are encouraged try new things and make mistakes."

- 2nd and 4th grade parent

Our activities focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and are highly engaging lessons.  

For example, have you ever thought about:

  • How do different foods stay fresh and not get damaged?  Food and Packaging Engineers solve this.
  • What helps diapers absorb water?  What makes pudding thick?  Chemical Engineers research this.
  • What makes bridges and building safe and reliable?  Civil Engineers and Mathematicians calculate this.
  • What enables a bike helmet protect your head in a collision?  Biomedical and Materials Engineers determine this.
  • Why are passwords encrypted and decrypted?  Computer and Electrical engineers crack this.

Girls have the opportunity to experience this and more in girlSPARC.

IMG_3384 (1).jpg

 "In two 8 week sessions, my daughter has encountered an impressively diverse assortment of STEM concepts, many of which provide jumping off points for her own continued exploration and invention at home. I appreciate that girlSPARC makes thinking, learning and problem solving fun for our girls. In fact, my daughter has so much fun with the concepts and projects, I think she forgets that girlSPARC is actually educational!"

- 3rd grade parent